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How to Address Self-Care and Fitness During the Pandemic Stephanie Haywood- My Life Boost

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

When venturing out to hit the gym isn’t a possibility, getting active can be a challenge. Keeping your stress levels down and remaining calm isn’t easy, either. But getting a bit of exercise and self-care while you’re stuck at home can do wonders for your fitness levels and mental state. Here’s how to address self-care and your home workout during the pandemic.

Try a New Workout

Build Up Your Home Gym (and Maintain It)

Maintain Healthy Eating Habits

Enjoy (or Start) a Hobby

Stay Connected with Others (Virtually)

Whether you’re going stir-crazy or just need to hit your fitness goals, moving your body and feeding your soul are two musts of dealing with social distancing. Instead of dwelling on feelings of isolation, you can take action to curb negative feelings and start feeling like yourself again, even if you’re stuck indoors.

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